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Just 2 get rid of my last post

2009-11-06 20:52:41 by MC25

Just to get rid of my last news post from my front page I am going to announce my first contribution to newgrounds! I am going to submit one of my drawings. I will admit to none of them being very good, but they are all done in a rush anyway. Enjoy

Me and my gf broke up

2008-05-25 13:31:43 by MC25

She dumped me
I got my heart broken
It happens to everyone at least once
we are still friends but everything is so awkward now
still life goes on, u kno?
comment this or message me if u want to show support.
if you comment me just to make fun of me i will spam the fuck out of you.

Junior Prom

2008-05-04 13:27:36 by MC25

I just went to Junior Prom yesterday and it was amazing.
My girlfriend was there and she looked amazing
All my best friends were there, there was great music, and i had a ton of fun!

[Its also kinda cool that I am a sophomore who is going out with a junior! I was the only male sophomore there!]

Heres a picture of my gf

Junior Prom

Strait A's WTF?

2007-09-12 21:11:59 by MC25

I have no clue how but im gettin strait A's in school

weird huh?

Fuck... School again

2007-08-26 22:46:20 by MC25

It starts tomorrow and i fuckin h8 it
i love the people
but the work is awful
damn i h8 it


2007-08-20 12:51:51 by MC25

Im sick and i can't go anywhere or do anything so send me a get well comment or somthing.

1000th post soon

2007-08-03 23:02:04 by MC25

its coming up... right now i have 996
and once i am done with this dumb 5 day ban i can get to work on it...
but what should my most important post on the bbs be about?

My Fishy Was Diseased

2007-08-01 11:42:38 by MC25

The lake i caught my fish in was polluted....

So now I'm sick for eating a large fish out of a polluted lake.... :(

umm... FISHEY!!!

2007-07-23 17:31:01 by MC25

I caught the second biggest fish in the creek the first try! It weighs like 3 lbs :D